InfoLogi kümmert sich um die Sicherheit im Auto-Verkehr.

Für die Auto-Sicherheit For your Safety in the Car


                Information for producers

 Even more than 100 years after the introduction of the car still in many areas there is a need of innovation.

The desiderata concern safety and comfort.


More safety on the road

More safety in the vehicle

More space

More communication

More comfort

The lighter car saves fuel.

And for special marketing:

Make the car more visible


                 Informationen für Hersteller

Sogar mehr als 100  Jahre nach der Einführung des Autos besteht noch in vielen Bereichen Innovationsbedarf.

Die Desiderata betreffen Sicherheit und Komfort.


Mehr Sicherheit auf der Straße

Mehr Sicherheit im Fahrzeug

Mehr Stauraum

Mehr Komunikation

Mehr Komfort

Das leichtere Auto spart Kraftstoff.


Und dies ist besonders werbewirksam:

Das Auto sichtbarer machen

  Our full list of innovation proposals is given to relevant companies on demand.

This offer by InfoLogi is for car manufacturers and their suppliers.

Unsere vollständige Liste der vorgeschlagenen Innovationen wird auf Anfrage an relevante Unternehmen gegeben.

Dieses Angebot von InfoLogi gilt für Automobilhersteller und deren Zulieferer.

This is what we want:

Reduce the risk of accidents.

Save your life.
Know what the front man is up to.

In spite of a bursting tire continue safely.

Keep objects safely in the car.

Always find the car again – place of parked car forgotten, car stolen: no problem

Increase comfort inside the car.

Always make the car recognizable.


Das wollen wir:

Unfallrisiko vermindern.

Leben sichern.

Wissen, was der Vordermann vorhat.

Trotz Reifenplatzer sicher weiterfahren.

Gegenstände im Auto sicher unterbringen.

Das Auto immer wiederfinden – Parkplatz vergessen, Auto gestohlen: macht nichts

Komfort im Wageninneren erhöhen.

Das Auto immer erkennbar machen.



In more detail, for manudacturers:


Problems and their Mechanical Solutions


A: Safety


M1 SAVING LIVES: Have a better view: A driver gets off the road and crashes into a tree; the driver is badly injured or dead. He had a sight problem that millions of drivers have – it hits the driver from the outside. With our “LB”-device, this obstructive influence will never happen again.

NB: Due to its importance, this item requires double the price as mentioned under stages 1 and 2 of “Procedure and Prices”.


M2 Have no flying objects anymore: Things are loose in the vehicle. Handbags have no good place in the car. You need an intelligent item to have them in a good place. The mobile phone still has no standardized place. These phones still provide a threat, because they usually lie loosely. - I can show how safe storage expansion to at least 4 locations can be created easily, and serve another function.


M3: A bursting tire is no problem anymore: A tire bursts. How can you still drive safely for many kilometers?  My “TiT”-proposal guarantees stability when a tire fails.


M4: Safer safety belts: Seat belts are a potential hazard for many passengers, uncomfortable for others - they have to be different. We say how and why.


M5: Always identify a car: License plates must always be visible, esp. at bight. This works with our special set.


M6: Pick-ups will not have unwanted loads anymore. ´Our solution “H” is simple and effective.


M7 SAFETY: Eliminate hazard: There are still / new dangerous places in the cockpit.  We say how to neutralize them.


B: Comfort


M8: The gas tank for LPG in passenger vehicles takes a lot of space. We can identify a better place – the ultimate one.

NB: A special price applies for this idea. We will make your car more visible in the streets. Due to the immense advertising effect, a special price must be negotiated for this gadget.


M9: Car seats are no longer appropriate. - This new construction and design keep them stable and at the same time offers further advantages: increased space in the cabin for passengers, less production cost, less weight, and more.


M10: More decency for Royals, tycoons and other VIPs: We propose a special upgrade for luxury cars, which makes their use more worthwhile, more comfortable, more stylish in an ever-recurring public situation.

NB: A special price applies for this idea. Due to the immense advertising effect, a special price must be negotiated for this gadget.


M11 Decrease pain, increase COMFORT: Driver and passengers have pressure pain on the forearms and joints. - These new protectors reduce the pressure pain and protect the forearms and the joints.


C: Be better known and seen


M12: (a) Logo: Improving the logo: A new way to present the logo will give more CI to the car. Some logos are not perfect. Take note of our innovative suggestions for new logos and new logo impressions.

 (b) The brand of the car is not always seen: Your company name does not stick out enough from the competition. You need a better presentation. My proposals to improve the logo are not only innovative and creative, but also provide another advantage.

NB: A special price applies for this double idea. We will make your car more visible in the streets. Due to the immense advertising effect, a special price must be negotiated for this gadget.


D: Effectiveness


M13: Long-long-distance electric cars: E-Autos will increase their travelling range / distance using a practicable improvement.



Problems and Software / Electronic Solutions


A: Safety


S14: A thing about social communication: What will the driver of the vehicle in front of your car do next? He is unpredictable. / The safety device is: CCC = Car-to-Car Communication.

A monitor at the back of the car will display messages to the driver following the car. See our special leaflet for more detailed information.


B: Comfort


S15: Mirrors: When different drivers use a car, the inside mirror and the outside mirrors have to be adjusted. This is made easier with our MAD.


S16: Economic car finder: You do not remember where you parked your car? The car was stolen. Where is it? - With a device that everyone has, but only needs to be adapted for use in the car, the driver will find the car. It also acts as an anti-theft device


S17: Anti-theft device: Keyless-go systems can be easily cracked.  My anti-theft device for keyless-go system makes stealing impossible.


S18: No speeding tickets anymore: Finally, speeding is over thanks to our idea for a new speed control system, and this puts an end to fear and unwanted expense.





A: Safety


MC19: The 2-in-1 item: This is a device will make riding on a motorcycle safer.

Handles for the backseat oassenger.


MC20: Side mirrors can be dangerous. We suggest safer ones in 3 places.


More projects are to be presented once a co-operation has started.


Procedure and Prices

You received a survey of the THEMES for FREE with this letter.

To save time, I am informing you of my price scheme in 9 steps as follows:


1 To receive a DESCRIPTION of an item on the list, you will transfer a FEE of 5,000 Euros per item, with a minimum of 5 items, and you will receive my detailed description of these projects, using simple and fully informative phrasing. You have thus expressed your firm interest in the projects, and a general usage agreement is considered closed. You may skip this stage and move to stage 2 immediately.


2 Now state your interest to produce a particular or several projects, or all. For every project an initial upfront CONTRACT FEE of 10,000 Euros will be payable. - A specific usage agreement is thus considered closed. You will now receive extended descriptions of the innovations, and you are entitled to start exploiting the respective project/s.


3 At this stage, you may acquire PATENT PROTECTION, acknowledging my part by authorship with50 pet cent, and start production, advertising, and distribution.

4 For the finished product my share of the net REVENUE is 1 percent of the calculated income or 100 Euros per unit sold, whichever is more. You will make monthly payments and at the end of the financial year with a consolidated annual balance payment. A minimum of 100.000 Euros per year applies.

5 The rights will be fully yours after a period of 10 mutually successful years, starting from the date the specific usage agreement was closed.

6 If you have a sub-company produce certain parts that you do not produce yourself, they may not receive a share in the copyrights.

7 The benefits to me will extend over a period of 10 years. In the event of my death in this period, the rights will go to my family (wife, children).

8 A contract shall be regarded fixed after due correspondence, whether oral or in writing.

9 In the case of LICENSE SALES, my share will be 50 percent of the licensing fees and revenue. In the event of my death in this period, the rights will go to my family (wife, children).

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Your order


In your order, please reference „car improvements“.


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