InfoLogi kümmert sich um die Sicherheit im Auto-Verkehr.

Für die Auto-Sicherheit For your Safety in the Car


                Information for producers

 Even more than 100 years after the introduction of the car still in many areas there is a need of innovation.

The desiderata concern safety and comfort.


More safety on the road

More safety in the vehicle

More space

More communication

More comfort

The lighter car saves fuel.

And for special marketing:

Make the car more visible


                 Informationen für Hersteller

Sogar mehr als 100  Jahre nach der Einführung des Autos besteht noch in vielen Bereichen Innovationsbedarf.

Die Desiderata betreffen Sicherheit und Komfort.


Mehr Sicherheit auf der Straße

Mehr Sicherheit im Fahrzeug

Mehr Stauraum

Mehr Komunikation

Mehr Komfort

Das leichtere Auto spart Kraftstoff.


Und dies ist besonders werbewirksam:

Das Auto sichtbarer machen

  Our full list of innovation proposals is given to relevant companies on demand.

This offer by InfoLogi is for car manufacturers and their suppliers.

Unsere vollständige Liste der vorgeschlagenen Innovationen wird auf Anfrage an relevante Unternehmen gegeben.

Dieses Angebot von InfoLogi gilt für Automobilhersteller und deren Zulieferer.

This is what we want:

Reduce the risk of accidents.

Save your life.
Know what the front man is up to.

In spite of a bursting tire continue safely.

Keep objects safely in the car.

Always find the car again – place of parked car forgotten, car stolen: no problem

Increase comfort inside the car.

Always make the car recognizable.


Das wollen wir:

Unfallrisiko vermindern.

Leben sichern.

Wissen, was der Vordermann vorhat.

Trotz Reifenplatzer sicher weiterfahren.

Gegenstände im Auto sicher unterbringen.

Das Auto immer wiederfinden – Parkplatz vergessen, Auto gestohlen: macht nichts

Komfort im Wageninneren erhöhen.

Das Auto immer erkennbar machen.



Procedures and prices

To save time, I am informing the concerned company = you as follows:

1 You express your firm interest in my ideas, referring to the numbers that you want to know more about. After receiving a description fee of 5,000 Euros per item, with a minimum of 5 items, you will receive my detailed list stating what kinds of troubleshooting are intended, using simple and fully informative descriptions. A general usage agreement is thus considered closed. You may skip this stage and move to stage 2 immediately.


2 Now state your interest to produce a particular idea or several ideas, or all. For every idea an initial fee of 10,000 Euros will be due and payable. - A specific usage agreement is thus considered closed. You will now receive extended descriptions of the innovations, and you are entitled to start exploiting the respective project/s.


3 At this stage, you may acquire patent protection, acknowledging my authorship, and start production, advertising, and distribution.

4 For the finished product my share of the net revenue is 1 percent of income or 100 Euros per unit sold, whichever is more. You will make payments on a quarterly basis and at the end of the financial year with a consolidated annual balance payment. A minimum of 100.000 Euros per year applies.

5 The rights will be fully yours after a period of 10 years, starting from the date the specific usage agreement was closed.


6 If you have a sub-company produce certain parts that you do not produce yourself, they may receive a share in the copyrights, so these will be split up between you, such a company and myself.

7 The benefits to me will extend over a period of 10 years. In the event of my death in this period, the rights will go to my family (wife, children).

8 A contract shall only be fixed after due correspondence, whether oral or in writing.

9 In the case of license sales, my share will be 50 percent of the licensing fees and revenue. In the event of my death in this period, the rights will go to my family (wife, children).


My bank account:

Joachim Stiller
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Joachim Stiller