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Offer: Hospital Consultations


In our industrialized and globalized world with many challenges, new methods and techniques are needed. We need to adapt smartly to the changing conditions of work. Budgets have become under increasing stress. In this situation, we show solutions and offer the following services:

A: Smoother Administration: Hospitals save resources - Enjoy budgetary benefits - Patients save time and nerves, as they receive better-timed medical help

B: Intelligent time management after European pattern

C: Improved communication with foreigner and locals by specialized vocabulary


The Services in more detail


A: Smoother Administration: Hospitals save resources - Enjoy budgetary benefits - Patients save time and nerves, as they receive better-timed medical help

Detailed info on demand


B: Intelligent time management after European pattern

Detailed info on demand


C: Improved communication with foreigner and locals by specialized vocabulary: Booklet with vocabulary for communication between doctors / nurses / other hospital and clinic personnel with for egn patients

English & German & Thai


Offer: Better services to foreign patients: English and German language


Problem: Western foreigners who visit a hospital do not speak Thai much.

Doctors and nurses do not speak sufficient English or other languages.


Solution: We offer help:

  1. A vocabulary with 400 key words and over 100 important sentences – all in 32 chapters – in Thai – German - English. 47 pages in big A4 format. 3-part index. Information on “how to use”.

See more information here:

  1. A set of fill-in pages to extend the vocabulary.
  2. Several Communication Cards: next appointment etc., included in nr. 1
  3. A step-by-step description for the procedures in a Thai hospital
  4. Short 2-page crash courses Thai-English and Thai-German, general vocabulary.
  5. Information on learning more German: words and mini-grammar

Contents (The lay-out in the booklet that you will receive is perfectly arranged):

German Pronunciation Deutsche Aussprache              การออกเสียง ภาษาเยอรมัน

General Phrases

Words and phrases in situations

1 Building(s)                           1 Gebäude                                1 อาคาร

2 In the hospital                       2 Im Krankenhaus                    2 ในโรงพยาบาล

3 Things                                  3 Dinge                                    3 สิ่งที่

4 The People                           4 Die Menschen                        4 คน

5a The Doctors                        5a Die Ärzte                            5a แพทย์

5b The Doctors                       5b Die Ärzte                             5b แพทย์

6 Assistants                             6  Helfer                                  6 ผู้ช่วยเหลือ

7 Studies                                 7 Das Studium                         7 การศึกษา

8 Organization                         8 Die Organisation                   8 องค์กร

9 At the reception                    9 Beim Empfang                      9 ที่แผนกต้อนรับ

10 Basic terms                        10 Grundbegriffe                     10 แง่พื้นฐาน

11 Questions                           11 Fragen                              11 คำถามที่

12 Seeing and feeling              12 Sehen und fühlen                12 เห็นและความรู้สึก

13 The body                            13 Der Koerper                       13  ตัว / กาย

     Anatomy                                  Die Anatomie                          กายวิภาคศาสต

14 Complaints                         14 Beschwerden                      14 ร้องเรียน

     Functions of the body              Koerperfunktionen                   ฟังก์ชั่นของร่างกาย

15 Test                                    15 Test                                   15 ทดสอบ

     Examination                            Untersuchung                           การสืบสวนสอบสวน

16 Description                        16 Die Beschreibung                16 คำอธิบาย

     Symptoms                                Symptome                                อาการ

17 Description                        17 Die Beschreibung                17 คำอธิบาย

     Symptoms                                Symptome                                อาการ

18 Description                        18 Die Beschreibung                18 คำอธิบาย

     Symptoms                                Symptome                                อาการ

19 Description                        19 Die Beschreibung                19 คำอธิบาย

     Symptoms                                Symptome                                อาการ

20 Accident                             20 Unfall                                 20 อุบัติเหตุ

21 Diagnosis                           21 Die Diagnose                      21 การวินิจฉัย

     Der Befund

22 Infection                             22 Infektion                             22 การติดเชื้อ

     Viral infection                          Virusinfektion                             การติดเชื้อไวรัส

23 Bacterial infection              23 Bakterielle Infektion             23 การติดเชื้อแบคทีเรีย

24 Illness / sickness                24 Krankheit                            24 โรค

25 Therapy                              25 Die Therapie /                    25 บำบัด

     Die Behandlung

26 Medicine                            26 Medizin                               26 แพทย์

27 Advice                               27 Beratung                             27 คำแนะนำ

28 Treatment                           28 Behandlung                       28 รักษา


At the dentist’s                        Beim Zahnarzt                         ที่ทันตแพทย์

29 At the reception                  29 Beim Empfang                    29 ที่แผนกต้อนรับ

30 Dental Examination            30 Zahnuntersuchung               30 ตรวจฟัน

31 Dental treatment                 31 Zahnbehandlung                 31 รักษาทางทันตกรรม


32 The ophthalmologist           32 Der Augenarzt                    32 จักษุแพทย์

     The optician                            Der Optiker                             ช่างแว่นตา

INDEX 1: English

INDEX 2: Deutsch

INDEX 3: Thai



+ FREE extension material ro enter individual vocabulary

+ FREE addition: a basic vocabulary English - German - Thai


For those who wish to engage in a somewhat more general conversation with the patients, the source of a course of General German is also given:

This book is for Thais who wish to learn German. They will need a basic knowledge of English to profit best from the course. The level is Beginners. Attached is a mini-grammar for both English and German, plus an index-section for the 3 languages.


The author’s competence: Joachim Stiller is a linguist, a teacher at high school and university, an editor, author, publisher, translator, consultant, etc. He is able to replace the German part with other languages.


Distribution: The booklet may be handed out to each doctor and each nurse and other personnel - in print, on a data carrier.


Delivery: You will receive e-mail attachments in printable PdF format.  


Price: The basic price is only 250 Thai Baht for the complete pack. This is multiplied by the number of users at the hospital.  It will be due on delivery.


More orders: I will accept orders to translate your leaflets and other materials.


Your reply: Please refer “Order hospital leaflet”.

Ordering is easy. For example:


We are ordering your booklet.

It will be for ### licenses

(### doctors and ### other hospital personnel).

We have transferred the price of 250 Baht x ###.


(Replace ### with respective figures.)


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